Thursday, July 31, 2014

INVOLEX a new promising wind energy technology

In this blog I have written a lot about renewable energy technology and tremendous work is happening in this field. Today I am going to write about a latest wind energy technology that uses concentrated wind power to generate electricity. INVELOX  as you can see in the diagram the the wind from various inlets enter the tower and then moves down . The tower is designed in such a way that it tapers down as the wind moves forward .

      Because reduction in the area of the tube as per Venturi effect the speed of the wind increases, that why INVELOX has a high cut in velocity of 2 miles/hr or 3.2 kms/hr. The turbine which is located at the bottom of tower as seen in the diagram experiences windspeed that are 4 times more than the speed at which the wind entered the tower.

       The setup is pretty simple , the inventors claim that the cost of generation of electricity is less than 2 cents per kilowatt .

       Since it is a concentrated wind energy system , it can be used in areas that have low wind speeds unlike traditional wind turbines which requires places with high wind speeds . Traditional wind turbines need to be aligned to the direction of wind but when it comes to INVELOX the direction of the wind doesn't matter at all. As you can see in the below picture and diagram the inlet at the top of the tower allows wind to enter from any direction. 



The cost of setting up an INVELOX tower is said to be less than that of a traditional wind turbine. This technology  can compete with thermal power plants and other non renewable sources of energy in terms of cost of energy. One of the main roadblocks in adoption of renewable energy is the cost of energy is higher than that of conventional energy. However this technology at par with conventional sources of energy in terms of cost, it causes no pollution whatsoever and can generate electricity at moderate wind speeds as well.

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