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Friday, January 30, 2015

Internet and India

India now has approximately 300 million Internet users. More than 65% of the Internet users are from cities which have around 31% of the country's population and around 35% of the Internet users are from the rural side. However 69% of India's population lives in villages so the need of the hour is that the rural Internet penetration must also go up and it will go up.

     One great advantage that India has is that today there are more than 800 million active mobile phone connections. In India one can access the Internet and do some basic browsing at a mere Rs 2 to begin with. The growth in the number of Internet users across the country will boost e-commerce. This is sector that is bound bumper growth in the coming years. By the end of 2015 it is very likely that India's Internet users base will be between 360 -400 million. India has now displaced USA from second spot in terms of number of Internet users.

      As Internet penetration goes up more and more people will have greater access to information can buy and sell stuff online and it will become a great tool for learning as well. Looking into the future one can foresee a time when many of the rural folks of India will actually attend collage from their home by enrolling in one of the free online MOOCS or simply studying online. One can easily watch videos of lectures and also see practical demonstration of various concepts. 

    Its very much possible instead of going to the market farmers of India may directly sell their products to the consumers thus earning more. A higher earning farmer gets into a virtuous cycle of well being. It works this way --- When a farmer earns more he would spend more on education , technology and health of his family. This would result in a more educated , knowledgeable and healthy farmer who will go on to increase his production per acre thus making more money and the extra money is invested back in agriculture. 

    Most farmers in India are poor at the moment as their incomes go up even they would consume more so the market would expand thus demand of farm products will go up. 

    Access to Internet will make sure that they don't have to travel large distances to get their work done and they will be abreast with the latest happenings across the world. Just like mobile phone has revolutionised the communication system in the nation. Internet is bound to have a deeper impact among the masses.

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