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Friday, August 2, 2013

Technology for humanity

    We say we are intelligent living beings the highest living organisms in the world and indeed that is true. From 0 knowledge a few thousand years ago man has come up today and the knowledge of humankind is virtually infinite as compared to other animals we send rockets to space ,send probes that go to study various planets,the sun and comets of our solar system. We keep an eye of what's happening in the universe with powerful telescopes and study the objects that existed thousands of years ago since the light from these objects has taken thousands of years to reach us here on earth. We know how our bodies are formed how we were concieved our bodies developed in the womb of our mothers. From making one or two claculations per minute we built computers to do billions and trillions of calculations per second.

           And inspite of such high advances we are still fighting with each other there are wars and we use our highly intelligent brains to manufacture weapons that can efficiently kill millions at one go ,we make machines that does the work of thousands of men so inspite of us saying that there is development there is hunger poverty economic inequality hatred and violence in the world. The two world wars saw the best minds in the world building weapons to kill lots of people at one go the reasult deaths of millions total destruction of many nations.

                      Knowledge and technology when it leads to economic inequality is useless technology should be such that it erases the economic boundaries , it should make poverty history and more importantly brings peace ,happiness and wisdom in the world.




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