Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Energy from underwater winds

Tidal energy using underwater kites to harness the energy of the ocean tides can be great solution to world energy problems when the issues of cost and effect of salty water on underground kites are effectively addressed. The video link below shows an example of how tidal energy works.


                   Water being far more denser than air the tides in sea and ocean would produce lot more energy per square meter as compared to wind . Also the scope of the utilization of this energy source can be huge as  most of the earth is all ocean ,however this energy would be generated only upto a few hundread kilometer distance from land and going too far away from the land would add to costs. Looking at this it makes us think why in hell we are burning coal, natural gases etc when there is immense energy available from the sun, wind,hydel and tidal energy why didn't we tap these sources of energy first.

        Here in this video you will find another example of how tidal power can be used for producing energy and mind you 100% clean energy.


      The unique feature of tidal energy is that it is the only source of energy that does not depend on the solar radiation for producing electricity. The tides in the ocean are produced by the gravitational effects of the sun and moon. This energy is enough to produce billions of watts of energy across the world.

         India would be highly benifitted by this source of energy since it has a very long costline and when we do have an honest and transparent govenrment  in place we can focus on R&D in this field and be totally free from using fossil fuels for energy needs, This would also save us from the pollution that may be produced when we use natural gas or coal for fuel.


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