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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Single Board Computers

     Ever since Raspberry Pi was made the board computers have become a rage with many such board computers coming into the market the latest being Parallela the $99 supercomputer that promises to change the way computing is done the single board computers are much cheaper powerful and will get more powerful in course of time as the processing power increases

The cheapest of them being Raspberry PI priced only at $35 and $25 is an open source hardware that runs on Linux operating system the aim of designing the Raspberry Pi was to teach programming to kids however enthusiasts are coming out with new uses of the pi its as powerful as a full fledged computer 10 years ago and does all the things of a that a full fledged computer does for an ordinary user. Thus this little computer can be an excellent computer for kids across the world especially in developing nations its an opensource hardware so can be copied and improved on . The two RPis consume 3.5 and 2.5 watts of electricity.
Raspberry PI

A Korean company HardKernal has come out with this little board computer Odroid U3 .  It is quite powerful and runs on a quadcore 1.7 Ghz Exynos processor and has 2 Gb of RAM the great plus point is it cost $59 and consumes very little electricity. Its quite powerful and small.
Odroid U3

The real power of computing when it comes to SOCs is brought by the Parallella board

Parallella has two Zynq-7000 series Dual core ARM A-9 CPU along with 16 or a 64 core Epiphany Multicore Accelarator  with 1Gb of RAM the most amazing thing about the small single board computer is that the 66 core version can actually deliver a processing power of 90GigaFLOPS consuming around 5 Watts of power . Now that's the performance of a very powerful computer that would cost someone thousands of dollars.

                So the above three are the examples of things that are going to come in the world of technology computers will be cheaper much faster and more affordable to everyone . This being Free Hardware would help engineers study, copy , modify and build better single board computers anywhere in the world.

           Also in all three computers the processors that are used are ARM RISC processors which consume far lesser electricity and are much cheaper than x86 processors made by Intel or AMD.

       These computers being cheaper will make computing a reality in many parts of world like South Asia,Africa and parts of South America.

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