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Sunday, February 9, 2014

True Education

Friends one of the most important thing that I noticed while creating scientific blogs is that when you work out an equation there the mere look of it turns people away , that's what probably explains the fear of math and physics in school. We need present mathematics in a different way we need to present physics in a different way so as  to make it interesting an cool. 

         When I was in collage , the Special Theory of Relativity was thought in such a boring fashion that one felt like running away from the class , this is a fact with the present day educational system teachers or professors are not their to impart knowledge but to somehow finish the allotted course material , conduct  exams and that's it game set and match. 

           The beauty and essence of science and maths is lost when teachers teach just to make money and work is far more than just mere making money. Education must fire up imagination and curiosity in kids willingness to know more , willingness to innovate and find new solutions to problems.

            So when one is teaching The Special Theory of Relativity one must give the young minds ideas about the Universe about space and time and how different it is from what we see , and what we see in the universe is but just a special case of what is really around for what one observer sees is not exactly the same seen by another observer

         While teaching science giving practical examples is a must students learn faster from practical examples than just theorising and imagining. 

       Today's educational system is based on fear, fear of clearing exams especially in the Indian context  where you would find that chapters may not be taught in school but directly questions are given even one would find that the teachers would give the answers from the textbook which the students are supposed to mug up and put down on exam paper thus making a mockery of education and knowledge.  

         The fear of exams must be removed and students must be made to embrace knowledge , the aim of education must be to build character in students and make  them great citizens of the future.



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