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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The OPPORTUNITY India should never miss

This is the best opportunity God has given us to drive corruption away from India , if we lose this opportunity we don't know when we will get the next opportunity , whether the opportunity will come in our lifetime or not is also not known. So it is time for the nation to rise and declare in one voice that enough is enough , we had enough of corruption for the last 67 years and we will not tolerate this any more. A single vote caste for Congress or BJP is like waging war against the nation it is the worst kind of sin that one can commit to mother India. The country is being looted of its natural resources that belongs to the people of the nation by corrupt politicians , corrupt corporates and corrupt officials , natural resources like iron, coal , forest resources , radio waves, oil and natural gas are given in the hands of corporates for a paltry amount . Land that is the property of the nation is given away at measly sums to the corporates who in turns spend crores to promote this corrupt leaders through media campaigns.

Thousands of crores are spent in promoting Congress and BJP in the media , but these leaders have made laws that makes them immune from declaring source of these funds.

Take a recent example , The gas in the Krishna Godavari Basin is a property of the nation now RIL is the contracted company that would pump this gas out. The cost of pumping out gas is much below $ 1 , however Mukesh Ambani the chairman of RIL with his dirty nexus netas have managed to get his own men in the minstry of oil and gas and has been able to get a price of oil at a rate he wants. The nation has to pay over $ 4 for gas that is pumped out at below $ 1. The same gas is sold by NIKO RIL's partner in the the KG basin at $ 2.34 to Bangladesh that's the gas from a well that belongs to India.

If we put this in lay terms imagine that you have employed few labourer to plough your field and the agricultural produce that's coming out is being sold by the labourers to you at market price, which is total non sense. Since the agricultural produce belongs to the owners of the field and the labourers will get the cost of their effort plus 10 to 20 % profit. So this definately is a case of cheating the nation and one more thing is that RIL has till now pumped out gas that's much less than the contracted amount and it should be fined for that because we have to import the gas for the shortfall.

This is just one example this happens in every field in case of land, water, minerals like iron , coal , petroleum and add to that a common man can hardly get his work done in govt offices without paying up.

AAP has created an island of example in Delhi , in 49 days the corruption levels in Delhi have come down significantly however AAP did not have the numbers to pass the Janlokpal and hence the AAP members resigned to go back to the people and ask for absolute majority so that when they come back in power AAP is in a position to pass the JANLOKPAL and the SWARAJ bills and this would change the state of Delhi , and this example has to be replicated across the nation at the state levels and national level.

A corruption free India will be a prosperous India. We are not a poor nation but India has been made poor by black money and corruption the only entity that has the power to change this is people of the nation the AAM AADMI , the future is in your hands don't let the opportunity go.


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