Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some Renewable Energy Innovations

The renewable energy technology world  today is blooming with new innovations , we have just come across two solar power innovations Rawlemon and Solar Roadways.

Rawlemon betaray is a large glass sphere which essentially collects the rays of sun falling on it and concentrates it on a solar cell by a factor of 500 suns thus generating electrical energy and heat energy also it is found to be 70% more efficient than conventional solar cells that are not concentrated. The beauty of rawlemon system is that it can generate electricity even in very cloudy conditions and even from moonlight. The real cost of solar energy comes from the PV modules now when solar energy is concentrated the amount of solar cells required comes down significantly saving on costs thus the cost of energy obtained from such solar systems is much lower. A betaray can be installed on rooftops or on walls.You can get more information about Rawlemon from the following link

The next video doing round these days is of solar roadways , the inventors have designed intelligent microprocessor controlled solar cells that can replace roads. The solar cells will generate electricity and these panels have LED lamps that glows giving a better view of road to the driver. Also in cold countries they would prevent the roads from getting clogged in snow. Parks, parking alleys , tennis courts, basketball courts can have these panels on the surface. Since the panels are touch sensitive it would warn motorists of the obstacles ahead.

Next of course we have come across various modes of tidal energy whether it is pumping seawater to a height using ocean waves as in  in searaser or using underwater currents to generating electricity. Tidal energy is abundant on earth and is a promising future source of energy.

 Searaser uses the vertical displacement of ocean currents to make a pump move up and down thus pumping water now this water is collected in a reservoir that is located at a high altitude the collected water can be allowed to flow down and at a point where the stream acquires maximum energy one can place a turbine that would rotate and generate electricity.

When it comes to wind energy a new innovation has come from a MIT company named Alteros , they have come out with a system that has a helium shell that would take the wind turbine located in the centre to rise up to a height of 1000ft at that hight the wind speed is much more and much more consistent , it is called Buyont Air Turbine , a BAT can generate twice the energy of a tower mounted Wind Turbine. It is designed to withstand very high wind speed and in case of storm it can auto dock itself.

Traditional wind turbines can only be set up at places with consistent and high wind speeds not all places on earth have these characteristics, however with BAT its possible to generate electricity almost anywhere in the world.

      There are many more innovations researchers are working on lots of different ways to tap different motions in nature to generate electricity , the above are just few of the . The future of energy is definitely renewable and green. It makes sense to tap into unlimited sources of renewable energy than burn limited fossil fuel for energy requirements which generates CO2 and other gases which are even more harmful and have a bad effect on the environment.

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