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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Buoyant Air Turbine - BAT

       The above pics show the Alteros Buoyant Air Turbine that promises to provide cheaper wind power. It taps into winds at high altitudes where the wind speeds are much higher thus a BAT turbine would generate twice the power of a conventional turbine. 

         The setup consists of a shell , a turbine , teethers and a ground station. The shell is made up of high class durable plastic that is inflated with helium . This shell can also be used mount communication and camera equipment. 

       Within the shell you have the turbine which rotates with high speed winds and generates electricity. 

    Teethers connect the shell to winches on the portable ground station. 

       The benefit with this turbine is that it saves on costs of installation and transport by as much as 90%, it is twice as efficient as a traditional wind turbines. In places where there ground wind speeds are not good this turbine can also be used since at high altitudes of 1000 feet or more the wind speeds are good enough to generate electricity economically. Thus if such BAT s are installed in big numbers they can power the entire world and the great advantage is that it is totally green energy and renewable no need to burn any fossil fuel. 

        The BAT is designed to withstand windspeeds of 161 kmph +  . It requires no crew for day to day operation. The system can be monitored remotely and in case of extreme weather condition the system would autonomously dock.

     More information about Alteros BAT can be found at

      Check out this video



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