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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Einstein and Music

Yesterday I was reading a book on Einstein's life by Swami Tathagathanada of Vedanta Society of New York. I was pleasantly surprised to know that the great physicist was also a musician and a very talented one . At the age of 5 music was Einstein's inner necessity. Not only did he play beautiful works of Mozart , Bach and Schubert but also improvised them. 

    Einstein's friend Paul Plaut mentioned in 1928 that  Dr Einstein would often play his violin late in the night improvising melodies while he thought over complicated problems. As he got his answer in the middle of playing , he would shout excitedly "I've got it". It seemed as if somehow the solution of his problem came through music. 

We know very well that Einstein devoted his entire life to Physics but what we don't know is the other thing to which Einstein had devoted his life was music. He never discussed music with others but simply said listen, play , love , revere and keep your mouth shut. 

It also states that Einstein found some harmony between physics and music. Maybe it something that's worth doing some research on if music can indeed make the mind work better. 

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