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Monday, March 9, 2015

Importance of Scientific Temperment

Scientific temperament is a must , without scientific temperament humans become prey to superstitions and blind beliefs. We live in a country where fraud babas, fake sadhus and other fake spiritual men or astrologers make tremendous amount of money by fooling people. Sometimes people are anxious to know about their future they go to one of these frauds and these frauds would make some predictions about their future show them some problems and give their solutions and what these solutions are ?They would either ask the person to wear a ring with a precious stone like Gometh,diamond,neela etc or would advise them to do a havan besides a fire or do some sacrifice or do some pooja(worship). For centuries India has been under this poisonous influence of these selfish, dirty men and women who make money from people's fear, blind beliefs and superstitions.

When the first Census of India was done 1900 only about 6% of the population was found to be literate. Now being literate doesn't imply being educated. So one can imagine in those days probably only 1 in 200 was educated most people did not know who their rulers were . Infact in one of his lectures Gandhiji said that when he asked some poor villagers whom did they think was ruling them the villagers replied that it was some god that was ruling over them. Now such a nation where majority of the population is illiterate and doesn't even know what is happening in the country are bound to be enslaved by other countries.

In those days the country was suffering from untouchability and an ugly caste system. There were people who thought themselves to be of some high caste and would avoid touching people of lower caste. The people of lower caste cannot go to schools cannot do higher jobs cannot even drink water from the same well as that of the higher caste. If they did the village kangaroo courts would impose severe punishment on them. This subjugation of a big portion of the population was one of the big reasons for the down fall of the nation.

After independence untouchability and discrimination based on caste, creed and religion was made illegal. It has worked but still today there are people who believe in the ugly caste thing. Even today a good number of people don't want to marry their children to people outside their caste. Although in the cities the condition has changed and caste has become a thing of the past.

Even today you find the educated going to these fake men so that they can make their future better. Temples across the nations run by trusts for making money are raking in the moolah. In recent years lots of fake sadhus are found to be in antisocial activities that include money laundering and rapes. The recent case of Asaram from Gujrat and many others across the nation has somehow made people aware but still millions throng to the fake spiritual men.

It is very important that people start differentiating between fake and real. There are of course genuine people , genuine yogis and sanyasis they would put no superstition into your head . The secret is question everything and find out the truth for yourself. Just because some great man has said something you cannot accept it blindly. Old ideas and thoughts have to be challenged and questioned because with time lot of superstitions might have crept in.

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