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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Recently Audi has come up with a synthetic diesel that is made from water and carbon dioxide. The combustion of this fuel would generate the same amount of carbon dioxide that went into the its production. The carbon dioxide required for the production of Blue Crude is obtained from atmosphere. Thus the net addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is zero making this fuel a real carbon neutral fuel.

This diesel does not contain any sulphur so the combustion of this fuel would produce no suspended particulate matter. 

With huge amount of water available in the oceans around the world and ample amount of carbon dioxide available from atmosphere , if such factories producing Blue Crude which uses easily available resources are setup around the world then the dependence on crude oil would come down further. 

The proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has gone up since the industrial revolution because of burning of fossil fuels. This has been the cause of global warming since carbon dioxide is a gas that traps heat. If this continues then the glaciers at the poles will melt and that would result in sea levels going up, submerging many coastal regions and small islands across the world. Use of fuel like Blue Crude will prevent the occurrence of this situation. 

The below video gives an description as to how the fuel is synthesised at the moment the price is likely to be between Euro 1 to Euro 1.5 per litre .

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