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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Earth Rotation - Suspicious Tilt

   Imagine if there was a rod inserted such that it would pass right through the center of the earth and its two ends would be the earth's geographical North Pole and South Pole respectively. In such a situation we will find that as the sun rotates around the earth for 3 months the upper part of the rod will lean towards the sun the angle of inclination will increase every passing day till it reaches a certain point at the end of 3 months. 

   After that the motion of inclination of the rod will begin in the opposite direction it will become less and less every day at the end of 3 months it will reach a point when the angle of inclination would be 0 with respect to the sun. Now this phenomenon won't stop here from the very next day one would observe that the southern part of the rod will now be more inclined towards the sun and this would increase everyday. At the end of 3 months it would have reached its maximum point and then start moving back in the opposite direction for the next 3 months till the angle of inclination becomes 0 with respect to the earth. 

   This is the characteristic of earth's rotation. The earth has a tilted rotation and an interesting fact is that the total time lag for the entire phenomenon is equivalent to 1 earth year. This means that the earth comes back to a given point of inclination it was earlier in approximately 12 months. The tilted rotation of the earth has significant impact on the various different phenomenons on the planet .

   The earth experiences different seasons because of the tilted rotation. It is observed that on the surface of the earth when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere and vice-versa. In summers the respective hemispheres would tilt towards the sun thus getting more direct rays from the sun and also the period of exposure to the sun is greater (i.e - days are longer). The opposite is the case in winters--- as the hemisphere would tilt away from the sun, the rays received by the corresponding hemisphere would be slanted and the period of exposure to the sun is also reduced. Thus the general temperature of the hemisphere is lower as compared to the opposite hemisphere. 

    The difference in temperature results in different atmospheric pressure and hence the direction of winds also changes. In the Indian subcontinent which is geographically located in the northern hemisphere, it is observed that the wind blows from the south - west direction during summers and in the winters the direction of wind flow is from the North-east direction. 

    In ancient times when the motion of ships was dependent on wind ships would come to India via South Africa when the winds blew from South - West. This winds were called Trade Winds. While ships would go away from India when the winds blew from the North-East this winds were called Anti - Trade winds.

   The real question lies in the perfect synchronisation of the period of rotation of earth and the period of inclination both are approximately equal to one earth year. How can such a perfect synchronisation be possible if this happened naturally. Probabilistically speaking the earth could have got into any angle of inclination below 90 degrees with unlimited time periods. It is as if some intervention in the past set the earth into a simple harmonic motion perpendicular to its axis of rotation in the past. It's highly possible that its maybe some controlled extraterrestrial intervention. 

   That is aliens might have set our planet in this inclined rotational motion. Before that intervention the rotation of the earth around the sun won't have been inclined. 

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