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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Following Their Hearts

What is the similarity between Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and Steve Jobs ,three men who brought great changes in their respective fields.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was a barrister he could have lived a life of comfort made millions but he choose to follow his heart and give up everything and work for the sake of Indians in South Africa and then against the oppressive foreign rule in India and thereby playing a vital role in achieving India's independence his thoughts and his work had tremendous impact across the people of the world , Albert Einstein on Gandhi's death said “The future generations would find it hard to believe that such a man existed in flesh and bones”.

The journey of Mahatma Gandhi from an ordinary barrister to one of the greatest man in the history of the world comes from the fact that he was deeply spiritual and that he dedicated his life to selfless service of the people of the country without worrying about personal wealth which most people would think is a foolish thing to do.
Rabindranth Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore also known a kaviguru which means the teacher of all the poets. He had a total dislike for formal school education and that he was a nature lover and loved being close to nature. He followed his heart into becoming the greatest poet of Bengali language, his works are so powerful and profound that the songs composed by him are still extremely popular among Bengalis.
He received his Nobel Prize for his work Geetanjali, infact the english translation of Geetanjali. One can just understand this fact that the difference between his translated and original work is like the difference between kissing a girl's photo and kissing the girl herself. Now he is another person who chose to follow his heart and do what he loved to rather than go the beaten path.
Steve Jobs

     Steve Jobs dropped out of his collage. He did not see any value in the course that he was pursuing and then with his friend Steve Wozniack started APPLE COMPUTERS the worlds first microcomputer company together they came out with Apple 1 and Apple 2 computers and later on after a visit to Xerox PARC he saw the first rough example of a GUI. Taking a cue from that he designed the first GUI of the Macintosh Computer now the GUI made it much more possible for the lay user to use the computer.

      The GUI made computing accessible to ordinary people who did not find it comfortable to type commands and get things done by the computer. The GUI added a new dimension to computing that is elegance everyone wanted to work on a screen with a beautiful Graphical User Interface , also it so happened that Jobs himself was fired from the company he started. He started two new companies one was Nexxt and the other one was Pixar, Nexxt developed the computer which was used by Tim Berners Lee as the first World Wide Web server at CERN.
Pixar ended up being the most succesful animation company in the world. When the Operating System of Apple was getting outdated it acquired NexT and Steve Jobs came back to APPLE as the CEO. Steve Jobs put the company back in profit with the iMac computer. It was then followed by iPod ( a digital music player), iPhone and iPad.

          The one thing common among all three of them is that they are the ones who did not follow the beaten track but followed their own heart and intuition. All of them were free thinkers and innovated in their own way . They showed us that there is something called inner voice that one needs to listen to . There is something more in consciousness than just mere logical thinking.

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