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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Investigating Life(UNIVERSE and Earth) - 1

Lets go back in time say about 300 years ago in 1714. Till now you don't have electricity, hardly any machinery, steam engine is not there and the fastest mode of transport that you have is the horse. For cooking you depend on wood. A person has no chance to communicate instantaneously with a person who is more than 200 meters away. 

 Now imagine a person from that time suddenly falls into a space time wormhole and comes to the year 2014 and what does he see cars, roads , lights , planes and he sees people being able to communicate with anyone who is located anywhere in the world or even in space. Flying was considered impossible for humans in his time but humans not only flew like birds but flew way better than birds . So much better that they crossed the boundaries of the atmosphere and even crossed the boundaries of earth's gravitation. The person would be astounded to see how much development humans have made in science and technology in a short period of 300 years.

Now imagine an alien race that was at our stage of evolution a million years ago , if in 300 years there can be so much development how much more development can be achieved in a period of a million years. The results ca be unthinkable. We may find stuff that would be way beyond our imagination. 

Now consider this NASA's Kepler mission observes planets around 125000 that have earth like conditions. Can similarly a highly advanced alien race be keeping a strong watch over us. They maybe observing us at the moment they may know what I and you are talking about. They may even have the power to influence you and me . Maybe their technology is so developed that they can take form of any human being and talk to others. 

Some of them may have already visited the earth by making a show of having being born from a human mother. They might have taught us , they might have been with us and some of them may even be reading this article as I type it down. 

The ancient man when he saw people with such very highly advanced technologies might have mistaken him to be the creator and might have called him God. So it is very much possible that what we call god , the different avataars like Shiva,Vishnu, Krishna, Ram, Mohommad, Jesus and all other gods from various cultures across the globe are no one else but this highly advanced creatures who came to influence and help in our development and evolution.

What was technology back then would have been interpreted as a miracle. For example :- The Chakra of Krishna or the Bramhastra of Bramha were highly advanced weapons capable of controlled destruction on a large scale , the technology was so advanced that the ancient man simply interpreted it as miracle or magic. They called it divine. 

This alien species might have had technology to read the thoughts of people. Already scientists today are working on technology to read thoughts but it is possible that our advanced alien race might have perfected this technology hundreds and thousands of years ago. When people were told about their thoughts they regarded this ancient aliens as gods. They called him the almighty capable of doing anything and everything and started worshipping him as gods created temples, churches, stupas , mosques etc.

Considering the universe as we know it alien life is a possiblity and it is also possible that such advanced aliens may exist or might have existed earlier. As compared to the Universe the earth by size is infinitesimally small entity.

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