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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Have you ever wondered why on earth did some chemicals came together in water and formed units that would replicate itself. Not only it replicated itself but this units evolved in time getting more and more complex with innumerable variations. It reached a point where a particular species ultimately had male and female members and mated for new beings to come into existence. Since there animals were genetically more complex , nature had to divide it into male and female members so that the the defective genes of one animal is condoned by the good genes of the other sex. 

But the question why on earth did this set of chemicals had to come together and form life what was the need? Once the first instance of life was created then why did it started evolving and getting better and better. What is need of this process and what is the ultimate goal of this process?

Another question that comes to mind is that --Is it a case that the chemicals came together by themselves or if there is some other influence at work that engineered this process. If there is indeed such influence what is the cause of the the influence and how did the influencing factors themselves originate?

And finally :- Since there are quadrillions of earth like planets across the universe is it possible that life might have evolved in them. Probably at this point of time the life on some of them maybe more advanced than us in terms of intelligence , technology , scientific and spiritual achievements. 

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