Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reducing SPM

One of the best things that is happening in present time is the public focus and tremendous amount of research going on renewable sources of energy. Across the world in US, Germany, China, Japan and India the installation of solar panels is on a rise. Today more than ever the world needs to go back to nature and this is a very important step in that direction .

 Since the Industrial Revolution the burning of fossil fuels has lead to increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that traps heat and results in global warming. Because of the combustion of fossil fuels the amount of Suspended Particulate Matter in the atmosphere has gone up in cities where population is densely packed and inhalation of this SPM results in diseases of lungs and many others including cancer.

The fall in prices of solar panels and the developments in the field of electric vehicles creates an optimism in our minds that very soon the conventional petrol and diesel car will be replaced by electric cars and this electricity may be obtained from the power of the sun.

Already across the cities of India we have hundreds of thousands of e-rickshaws running . This little vehicles can carry 5 people including the driver, run at moderate speeds. In many cities this is replacing the petrol and diesel rickshaws that were a major cause of pollution. The petrol rickshaw owners mix lot of kerosene with petrol to reduce fuel cost. The ignition of such fuel not only damages the engine but releases poisonous gases into the atmosphere.

 The SPM levels in most large Indian cities are alarming use of electric vehicles will solve the problem. The billions of dollars that are spent importing fossil fuel can be replaced with energy worth billions/trillions of dollars from the sun, from wind and tidal power, from bio-gas obtained from industrial and domestic waste.

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