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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Climate Change is the single biggest threat to our beautiful planet. Earth is the only planet we know, that can harbour life. Other planets in the solar system cannot support life forms like us. The ecological balance can shift if the composition of the atmosphere changes.

Carbon dioxide is a gas that is released when fossil fuel like petrol, diesel, kerosene or coal burns. Too much combustion of fossil fuel leads to increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a gas that traps heat. So if carbon dioxide increases in air, the result will be more and more heat will be trapped, thus increasing the atmospheric temperature of earth.

Since the industrial revolution the amount of carbon dioxide has constantly increased and this has led to global warming. The impact of global warming is immense. Since ice at the poles is fast melting this is leading rise in the global sea levels. So many coastal areas of earth are under the threat of getting submerged in water. 

The increase in air pollution levels has adversely affected the health of people in cities. The mixing of industrial waste in river waters have made the water of many rivers highly contaminated and unfit for human consumption. It has also badly affected marine life. Even some fishes are highly contaminated because of this. This fishes are ultimately consumed by humans. 

The fossil fuels are burnt for various energy requirements. However non polluting sources of energy exists and the amount of energy they can provide surpass the levels of energy that is provided by fossil fuels. Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity, tidal energy, wind energy etc are ideal solutions to mans energy requirements with 0 pollution. 

When I started writing this blog as a hobby, the global oil prices were at a all time high. Great amount of research was going on around the world for alternative sources of energy that does not pollute. Tremendous amount of work is being done in this field and the global fall in oil prices is all because of this. 

One just hopes that the pace of renewable energy research continues with this excellent speed and soon we are powered by these green energy sources globally. This would reduce the utilization of fossil fuels, so that we can prevent and save ourselves from adverse impact of Global Climate Change. 

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