Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Google - Project ARA

The mobile phone or tablet you use has different functionalities in addition to phone conversation. It has a camera, speakers, processing unit, storage, wifi etc. Now if any of the functionality of a phone or tablet goes wrong, you are forced to buy the entire set again in place of replacing the defective part. 

Suppose that your phone's processor speed is lower than what you require. You just can't open up the phone and replace the processor. You have to buy a new phone and throw away your old one. Phones today are not built to last for a long time. This creates a problem of increasing electronic waste. Also the consumer has to shell out more money.

Project Ara aims to change all that. It has a block type modular design. Every component is a removable block, be it the processor, storage, speaker, microphone, camera, LED display. The blocks can easily be removed by the user and replaced with newer and advanced ones. This gives a user freedom to customise his or her phone. 

Whenever an upgrade of a component is needed replace the necessary block. You may chose to upgrade the camera or the processor, just replace the necessary block. The following video will give you more details about Google's Project ARA. 

This project is bound to save you some money and its eco friendly as well. 

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