Friday, January 8, 2016

Love Science, Love Technology

Knowledge is power. When it comes to our materialistic needs, knowledge of science is of great use. Take food for example. When we know what to do to soil, how to sow the seeds and how to properly irrigate a piece of land for a particular crop, we get maximum yield of crops. We are also able to avoid waste, by utilizing the entire agricultural produce in a better way.

Take for example a farmer growing wheat in his field. Only the top portion of the plants contains the grains that are of any use to people. However rest of the wheat plant cannot be consumed by people. So that is used as cattle food. Now the wastes from cattle is hazardous since it can be a breeding ground for many diseases.

However our scientific knowledge of gases and fuels has helped us to utilize the wastes from cattle in a better way, at the same time making it safer as well. The same cattle waste, if introduced in a bio-gas plant can produce methane CHgas. This gas is highly combustible and can be used as a fuel. The residue is a high quality, germ free manure. So something that earlier polluted the environment and was the cause of various diseases, now becomes a source of free fuel and manure.

Now what made the transformation possible? The knowledge of science. This is a very small example of what is possible through science. Nations after nations have transformed themselves through the power of science and technology. Look at the examples of countries like Israel and Japan. They have very little in terms of natural resources but they have invested heavily in science and technology research and results are there to be seen.

Both countries are developed with high per capita incomes and the quality of life of the people in both the countries is also very high. Making science popular  among masses can potentially produce more innovations and inventions. We must remember that some of the greatest inventors were neither scientists nor engineers. Examples are Wright Brothers- the inventors of aeroplane and Thomas Alva Edison - who gave us so many inventions.

The inventions given to humanity by them has changed the world. If they didn't exist the world would have been totally different today. There would have been no planes, spacecrafts, bulbs, TVs, music players and so on. 

Of course everyone will not become like them, but by awakening interest in science among people, we can at least drive away superstitions, that often comes from blind religious beliefs. This would be a great achievement as well.

So read and know more about science and technology. If you don't enjoy reading a lot there are lots of videos available on the Internet that explains various scientific concepts in a funny and interesting way. People learn faster from videos and animations than from reading. 

Science represents man's continuous search for truth regarding his own and universe's existence. Technology is the intelligent application of various scientific principles for a man's needs. 

Science and technology has transformed the world for the last few hundread years and it will keep driving the changes in our world for centuries to come. 

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