Tuesday, April 22, 2014


        I have mentioned about tidal energy lots of times in  my blog , there are different ways in which the energy from the ocean currents can be tapped into and one of the ways is this searaser technology .

     The following video demostrates this technology SEARASER VIDEO

             The diagram shown below shows how the setup work the searaser pump units that are fixed in sea the top portion moves up and down depending on the tide and this motion moves the piston attached to it which pumps the water through the pipes to the reservoir where the water is collected and then water is made to flow downstream thereby moving the turbine and creating electrical energy , its a pretty simple setup and ones the things are in place except the maintentce costs the electricity generated is free.


                There is absolutely no fuel costs involved since the tidal energy of the sea which is caused due to the gravitational effects of moon and sun is used , the tides are regular and will stay there forever unlike rivers which may go dry during summers in some places. 

       The energy thus generated is totally green and renewable does not cause any pollution at all. 

      India has over 7000 kms of sea cost , the tides in Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean are very high and this technology can be effectively tapped into to generate electricity. With such a long coastline many terawatts of electricity can be generated , this would totally eliminate the need to use coal , and imported crude oil for energy purpose also the energy will be very cheap around 30% cheaper than electricity from nuclear power plants. 

         Currently in India 85% of the crude oil has to be imported by investing in renewable technologies like this one the dependence on foreign oil will come down. Its better to have cars running on electricity generated from renewable energy than have them run on imported petrol. 

           Tidal energy will save the whole world not only billions of dollar but will reduce the CO2 and other SPM  emission into the atmoshphere which is responsible for global warming. 

         Investing in green and renewable energies like tidal energy , solar energy , wind energy will lead to cleaner , greener future of the world . 




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