Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some exiting innovations

      Science and Technology has changed human lives in a big way and it is going to change it further , one can now safely say that in the next 3 years solar energy and grid electricity costs would be same , so one is sure that we have a much greener future, man will move back to nature something that he has destroyed in the process of development. 

                      Here in this blog I will talk about a few recent videos and innovations that I have come across on the Internet that will have great impact. Go throughout the  link A 50cent sturdy fold able and printable microscope . If you have seen this video you will be surprised to know that the microscope that is used in schools and collages and in laboratories have not changed for decades it costs over $ 1000 and are difficult to carry around and maintain whereas here you have a microscope made out of paper that's sturdy , easy to carry and costs over 2000 times less than a traditional microscope.  As Manu Prakash said in this video this microscope adds a new paradigm to microscopy and that is use and throw microscopy. Its absolutely unbelievable that one can use a microscope that too a projection microscope for a mere 50 cents so everyone on this planet can very easily afford this microscope.

        Now go through the following exiting video to see how one can do computing in a totally different way sixth sense technology where computers will work on the gestures of the user taking them for input and output a really very exiting video about the possible ways we would be using computers and phone in the future rather than sitting like machine in front of another machine.

         Here in this blog I had mentioned about high speed cameras but recently I came across  a video that shows a technology that can have a trillion frames per second video. Its so fast that once you play the video in normal speed of 32 frames a second you can actually see light move , this is called Femtophotography . If you see this video you will find how you can see light pass through an empty Coke bottle. 

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