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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Flying without fossil fuel

This are the pictures of Solar Impulse 2 the plane that flies on solar power generated from the 17000 odd solar panels that are spread across its wings and body. The wingspan is 72 meters. The solar impulse 2 is set to circumnavigate the earth in  2015 .

       The earlier version Solar Impulse successfully flew across US east cost to west cost.  This would be a single seater plane. The beauty of this plane is it would not require any fossil fuel to fly all the energy will  be drawn from the sun and also a good part of the energy would be stored in the batteries to fly in the night .

          The entire plane is made from carbon fibre and it weighs around 2300 kgs which is equivalent to that of a family car.

Salora unmanned drone of Titan Aerospace

          Google recently acquired a company called Titan Aerospace that makes lightweight drones that are similar to this planes of course the drones are unmanned and this drones can be airborne for at least 5 years at a stretch thus acting as an atmospheric satellite. Google would use this drones in its ambitious loons project which aims to provide affordable Internet connectivity to places where people have no Internet access. 

        This drones and airplanes mark a new era of satellites and planes. Surely the solar drones can act as excellent low altitude surveillance , communication and mapping systems , they will be cheaper than space satellites.

        One can have thousands of this drones circling a particular area around the world to provide Internet access in those parts .

         An entire global communication network of this wireless drones can be made that would make Internet affordable and available across the globe to every person on earth.



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