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Friday, November 7, 2014

Humans and sex

Life began on earth starting form the phase of amoeba and then evolved to higher and higher organisms, it further got subdivided into plant and animal kingdom. The animal kingdom varied from single cell beings to complex multi cellular organisms as big as Dinosaurs in the past and Blue Whales today.

     The single cell organisms reproduced asexually by growing and dividing itself, the cells of our body divide like that. But as the single cell organisms later evolved into multi cellular organisms that were more complex genetically, for these organisms, asexual reproduction was replaced by sexual reproduction. The same organisms were divided into two sexes male and female. 

       For sexual reproduction the male and female mated and then a new organism of the same species came into existence. The male has a reproductive organ called the penis, in the testicles sperm is produced. During sexual intercourse the penis penetrates into the vagina of the female ultimately ejaculating the seamen which contains millions of sperms that would move towards egg .

So what we call sex is actually a process that  is designed by nature so that life continues on earth. The sexual enjoyment is the incentive that is given by nature so that animals get into the act of sexual intercourse.

Sexual reproduction leads to mixing of genes of two different animals of the same species, as a result the defects in the genes of one organism are corrected by the genes of other organism. The rate of population growth becomes slower but the rate of evolution becomes faster, since there is mixing of genes of two organisms involved.  

That's why in animals there exists the instinct of mating between males and females of the species. On sexual intercourse there is a transfer of male semen that contains the sperm that fuses with the female egg. The same is true in case of us Humans.

What we feel as lust is nothing but the same natural urge to copulate with the opposite sex of our species. The penetrative sexual intercourse that involves the penetration of male penis into the vagina of female ultimately results in the male ejaculating the seamen inside the vagina of the female. The sperms contained in the seamen move ahead in an attempt to fuse with the egg.

       As humans we are higher creatures , living beings who can think higher and control nature. Man has become what he is by controlling nature and also our basic sexual instinct.  The pleasure that animals feel is the incentive given by nature to get into the act of sexual intercourse. However humans can control this by raising above lust.

              Men have been there who gave up lust in thought , word and action. This is called Bramhacharya and the practice of bramhacharya for a long period of time is said to result in tremendous spiritual energy. In this context I will quote Swami Vivekananda from Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda in his explanation of Patanjali Yogasutras  he says:

ब्रह्मचर्यप्रतिष्ठायां वीर्यलाभः ॥३८॥
38. By the establishment of continence energy is gained.
The chaste brain has tremendous energy and gigantic will-power. Without chastity there can be no spiritual strength. Continence gives wonderful control over mankind. The spiritual leaders of men have been very continent, and this is what gave them power. Therefore the Yogi must be continent.

On another occasion he says 
"Is there a greater strength than that of Brahmacharya—purity, my boy?"

         However the ideal of Bramhacharya is practiced only by few. Most men marry get a wife for themselves and she is the one who remains the sex partner of the man for the rest of his life, this is the best level of sexual control for most men. 

     But there remains people who are taught wrongly that they would get sick without sexual intercourse. That they are being fools not having sex or simply out of ignorance give into their basic instincts.  Even in humans some men and women get so addicted to their sexual urge that they end up having sexual intercourse outside their marriage or having multiple sex partners.

        The above problem is more in case of human males. There are women who work as sex workers (prostitutes) whose work is to have sexual intercourse with men in return of money . In India by government statistics there were about 2.8 million  female sex workers in the year 2007 and the sad part about it is that the number actually doubled in a decade.  Again the numbers are from 2007 the numbers now are surely above 3 million. Out of this 3 million 1.2 million are children. 

         This means that at least 8-9 million men visit brothels each day a big proportion of them are married men. Thus it is very much possible that half of India's adult male population have sex with prostitutes. 

      Most of the sex workers work out of dire need, either because of poverty or they are forced to work as sex workers by some of their family members. Many of the girls are trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh who work in India as sex workers, some of the sex workers are daughters of prostitutes and work in this profession because the society will not accept them back. 

      Somehow mother nature has hit back at human lust by coming out with a virus called Human Immuno Virus(HIV) which leads to a syndrome called AIDS(Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) . A person suffering with AIDS has no effect of medicines on him. AIDS spread through 1) Unprotected sexual intercourse 2) Blood transfusion from an AIDS affected individual to someone else 3) From a HIV affected pregnant mother to her baby in the womb. 

     Millions of people in the world are affected by AIDS and millions have died. It is a fact that most sex workers have unprotected sexual intercourse with their clients and therefore have a very high probability of contracting AIDS. 

     Currently there is no vaccine to prevent HIV. 

The human lust can be controlled through willpower also yoga and meditation helps.


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