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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wonder Herbs

Qualities of NEEM  

 Neem in Ayurveda is regarded as the medicine for all the diseases .  Neem is a natural pesticide , fungicide, antibiotic, antiviral. My        personal experience shows that having some neem leaves            properly washed in hot water at the beginning of lunch results in good digestion and helps keeping the bowls clean. 

       While bacteria tends to build resistance against antibiotics after a certain period of time, Neem has been there for thousands of years but bacteria have failed to build any resistance against Neem. 

     Scratching an area of the skin that is itchy with fingers may result in that part getting infected , however scratching the same area with Neem leaves not only relives the person but also cures the itch because of its antimicrobial properties. 

      The Neem twigs have been traditionally used in India to brush teeth. The antimicrobial properties of Neem kills the worms in the teeth. 

       Paste made from Neem leaves or other parts of the Neem tree are used in skin creams. 

      Neem oil is said to be good for skin. 

      Neem helps in purification of blood. 

      People who practice yoga are adviced to have Neem on a daily basis. 

    One can find a range of trustworthy sites on the Internet to get to know more about the qualities of Neem. Almost every part of the plant is useful. Including it in our dial diet and daily uses makes sense since Neem indeed has tremendous benefits . 

     My suggestion to all readers is have some(5 or 6) Neem leaves daily along with your diet. Having neem leaves with rice reduces the bitterness of the neem. You can have it right at the beginning of lunch . Since Neem is bitter having the bitter stuff at the beginning of the lunch would clear your tongue and you will find rest of the lunch very tasty. 

     In Ayurveda the system of ancient Indian medicine as mentioned above - Neem has been mentioned as a medicine for all diseases. Now Ayurveda is a system of Indian medicine that belives in proactive prevention of diseases . Herbs like Neem, tulsi, palak etc spices like haldi, dalchine(Cumin) , ginger etc are actually Ayurvedic medicines that were included in the diets of common Indian people in ancient times. 

     "Prevention is better than cure" by including healthy food in our diet we need prevent diseases.
[Will include more herbs in this post itslef very soon]        

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