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Friday, November 28, 2014

Some interesting facts about GNU/LINUX.

1) The GNU/ LINUX operating system is called the Linux operating system by people. Actually it is a mistake. While Linus Trovalds only created the Kernel of the Linux Operating System as his final year project a the University of Helsinki. Much before that in 1985 Dr Richard Stallman started the Free Software Foundation and embarked on a mission to create a completely Free Operating System[Free in terms of Freedom not necessarily in terms of price. ] By the early 90s most of the operating system was complete but it lacked the Kernel. The Hurd Kernal that was being made for the GNU OS was far from completion at this time Linus released the Linux Kernal under Free License  and thus GNU/LINUX came into existence. 

2) GNU/ LINUX has lots of different distributions viz: Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Debian, Kali etc.  The creator of Debian Ian Murdock(there were other developers as well they were all communicating and sharing and delivering code over the internet) actually named it after his the then girlfriend Debra and his name Debra+ Ian = Debian.

3) Majority of the servers of the world use Linux as their Operating System. The reasons for that being .

   i) Linux is a FREE operating system. People are free to study , modify and distribute the source code of the operating system (both the original and modified versions). Because of this companies have the freedom to change the source code of the operating system as per their needs and requirements. 

   ii) Linux is far more stable than its competitor Windows. While Windows operating systems crash frequently there is hardly anyone who has seen a Linux Operating System crash.

 iii) Linux is far more secure than Windows , primarily because it is a multiuser Unix like Operating System and only the Administrator or the Root User has the administrative privileges and and few users and applications have the privilege to access the kernel . Because of this Linux is modular and well protected. 

     Unlike Windows there are hardly any issues with viruses on GNU/LINUX .

iv) The cost of ownership of Linux even the Enterprise version is far less than that of Windows. 

4) Different distributions of Linux are available for computers with different levels of hardware and again being Free OS it can scaled down to fit the requirements of a lower end computer. Take Raspberry PI for example, for  the lower processing power and RAM of the $ 20 computer, developers have come out with modified version of Debian and Fedora like Raspbian and Pidora operating systems. 

5) The world's most popular smartphone and tablet operating system Android has a kernel that is a modified version of the Linux Kernel. Firefox mobile OS is also a version of Linux. There are other versions of Linux based mobile OS coming up like Jolla Sailfish and Tizen.

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