Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stan Lee's superhumans.

I am a fan of History TV18 's programme Stan Lee Superhumans. Its amazing the number of people they have found who can do amazing things . Some martial art expert can make his opponents faint without touching their body just by the power of Chi. They showed another Sensei who can actually make any animal go to sleep using the power of Chi(the term in Sanskrit for CHI is Prana) .

      Blind man who can see with his mind's eye. A knifethrower throwing knives with unbelievable accuracy, an American Football quarterback who can throw the football to a catcher who is travelling in a car at a great distance with perfect accuracy. People who can break steel with their head. People who can balance their bodies head first on a nail and do many many many kinds of freakish things.

    Every time one watches the show one thinks how little we know about the human body and mind. How can someone swim in ice cold water for hours without being affected while ordinary person will die in a matter of minutes. Most of the  moves shown by the people in the show are so dangerous that if ordinary people try it they will end up doing considerable damages to their bodies. 

    But watching the show has actually made me curious about how much really we know about our body and mind. There is lot about nature that is left to be discovered. Especially amazing moves made by the monks like hanging heavy weight from their eyelids which biology or physics would tell us that will destroy the eyes. They claim that they have a hidden power called Chi that they have mastered by years of meditation and martial arts practice. 

      Just a few days ago saw an episode in which a person was shown who is able to move a 140 ton truck by the power of his arms ordinary people would struggle to move even a 1 ton vehicle with their hands. 

       The list in endless but among us live people who can do amazing things with their bodies and minds.

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