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Monday, July 20, 2015

Energy from Ocean waves

Recently I came across two videos on Inhabitat , that showed almost similar ways of energy generation. Both are tidal power based systems, generating electrical energy from the vertical displacement of water. One wonders why this technique of harnessing tidal power for electricity was developed so late, this could have been done and implemented years ago and it would have saved us from millions of tonnes of Carbon dioxide and SPM emissions.

I have already written a blog about Searaser. The other two videos mentioned above show a simple way of harnessing energy from the waves of sea/ocean. Water being 800 times denser than air contains 800 times more energy. Anyone who has been to the sea, bathed in it would have experienced the power of its waves. Great amount of energy can be produced from the power of tidal waves in the sea and Ocean . Surely its bound to become one of the biggest sources of energy to mankind.

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