Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Nutritious SoyaMilk

I live in the city of Kolkata, in the state of West Bengal , India. The food products available across the country and in this state are doubtful in terms of purity and hygiene. I stopped consuming milk for the last few years because whenever I had milk , whether its of the brand Amul or Mother dairy , I would have a stomach upset.

This points out to the possibility that the milk sold in packets in India maybe adulterated and my stand has been vindicated by the findings of presence of detergents in many packaged milk samples recently. Since I live in a city and cowsheds are no longer allowed in cities, I can no longer go to a cowshed(khatal in local language) and buy milk. The only source of milk in cities of India is to buy it from shops in packets or bottles.

One interesting fact is that the demand of milk has gone up many fold since independence  because the population has gone up by more than four times. However the number of cattle has remained stagnant, as a matter of fact it has actually gone down by 3.33% between 2007 to 2012.

In spite of this reduction in the number of cattle, how has the dairy industry managed to maintain a steady supply of milk? This actually points to a strong possiblity that the milk sold in the market maybe adulterated. 

Now to tackle this situation the solution can be provided by introducing and increasing the consumption of  Soya milk. Soymilk is made from Soyabeans that are soaked in water for 12 to 16 hours and then ground and blended in water. From 1 kg of soyabeans we can get around 6 to 7 litres of soyamilk . In retail market soyabeans are sold for around Rs 65 a kilogram. So the cost of one litre of soyamilk comes to not more than Rs 10 per litre, the comparative price of cow's or buffalo's milk is between Rs 34 to Rs 42.


If soyamilk is made at home then obviously there is no question about the purity of the milk at all. Soyamilk is highly nutritious and is comparable or even better than cow's milk when it comes to nutrition value. Most people in India are poor and cannot afford to drink milk. In India there are millions of poor families who are not able to provide milk to their children, milk is essential for their child's proper growth. For such people soyamilk provides an ideal solution.

 The cost of a glass of soyamilk is Rs 3 at the most. This can be brought down further if soyabean is sourced directly from the farmers or wholesalers. 

In this country where there is high level of adultery in food materials, soyamilk made at home provides an excellent solution of providing nutritious and pure milk to all the people. The process by which soyamilk can be made at home is given in the link below. 

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