Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Evolution -Nature's engineering

When a child is born, his entire body is delicate and the brain is at the starting phase of its development. The baby who was living cosily in the embryo of his/her mother is now shocked to see a different environment in front of him.

The natural reaction of the baby is to cry . Since babies are so delicate and frail they need lots of care and attention. That's why nature has made babies cute and there is some instinctive programmes installed in our mind that generates a wave of love and attraction towards babies.

In all mammals , the female that gives birth to the offspring or the mother has some special inbuilt love and attachment towards the baby. Its is this natural inbuilt instinct that is essential for the care and bringing up of the baby. 

Mammals have mammary glands that produce milk after the birth of the baby. This milk is for the nourishment of the baby. A newborn has to be given only one thing milk from the mother's breast. For a certain period of time the baby has to live on that , without it , it won't be possible for the baby to survive. 

This a wonderful engineering of nature that evolved over millions of years. It is believed that life on earth began with single cell creatures and kept evolving in more and more complex and intelligent creatures. 

One question does remain that why on earth life came into existence on earth and why does it keep evolving, getting better and better with passing time. 

There are of course many different kind of theories put forward by people across all times. Some say that we are the creation of some God , but if so where is Mr. God hiding. 

We know today that that across the Milky Way(our Galaxy) and billions of other galaxies across the universe there are trillions or quadrillions of planets that have earth like condition. So it is obvious that out there in the universe there surely is life. There must be intelligent life out there that is far more advanced than us. 

One wonders how do they looks like. How do they reproduce and  what different activities they do. Look how the system of reproduction has evolved on earth, first in case of micro-organisms there used to be asexual reproduction. Then in the plant kingdom we see different kinds of reproduction like in some plants the new offspring comes out of the roots of the existing plants like bamboo, banana etc. Some plants give flowers and fruits , inside the fruit we find the the seeds of the plants , which germinates in soil into new plants. 

Some plants instead of giving fruits directly gives its own seeds that is consumed by humans and animals as food like peas, pulses, coconut, betel nut etc. Its really fascinating to see the evolution of various plants and trees that has happened over millions of years on earth. 

Look in the animal kingdom from single cell organisms animals even a million years ago had evolved into huge dinosaurs and blue whales. Later on more and more intelligent creatures evolved and humans are the most intelligent creatures on the planet. 

Humans are so advanced as compared to other organisms when it comes to the level of intelligence that one is forced to think that humans are possibly a cross between some primate and an other worldly creature. Many a times a question rises in our mind , "Is evolution automatic in nature or is it directed and controlled by some external agency, which people call God".

Throughout the period of existence of humans on earth , this question has been perennially haunting human beings. Someday we will find the answer. 

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