Sunday, July 5, 2015

Instructors vs Teachers

Every person learns from his own experience.Another way in which he/she learns is by the thoughts, knowledge and the experience of others. The second process of learning by which a person learns from others can be categorized at 2 different levels:

  1. Instruction.
  2. Teaching
Instruction : - An instructor is a person who just describes the subject or the lesson to the student.  The student may ask questions to instructor regarding the doubts that he/she may have and the instructor tries his best to clear them. Most so called teachers in schools and collages can be categorised at that level today. 

Teaching :- A teacher is supposed to go much deeper than the instructor. Yes, like the instructor he too explains the topics related to his/her subject and clears all doubts of the student. But at an emotional level , a teacher is the one who first of all creates an interest about the subject matter in the minds of the students. He describes the various possibilities that the topic he is teaching or the subject has to offer. 

A teacher understands the strengths and weakness of every student and helps the students overcome his weaknesses , while tapping into his strength. A teacher also takes care that his students are morally and ethically sound.

A teacher's job goes beyond teaching he is also responsible for building a student's capacity to think,he is the one who makes the student socially responsible, he is the one who encourages his students to dream big and work hard to achieve his/her goals. 

An Instructor's job is merely a job, just meant for making money. But a teacher's job is way beyond a job, its an unselfish endeavour to build excellent citizens of the future. A teacher is a person who recognizes the potential of his wards and encourages them to become better in those areas. 

A teacher is also the one who recognizes the problems his students may face during their growing up years, the possible distractions that maybe affecting his students and he helps them cope with them and overcome them. 

While for becoming an Instructor a certain level of mastery of the subject matters. For becoming a teacher one has to have certain characteristics - like an unselfish heart, love for the students, willingness to help his students and the most important quality the teacher must posses is the ability to inspire along with good mastery over his subject. 

A good teacher can change lives. 

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