Sunday, July 5, 2015

Energy using the power of tides in Brazil

Just today I came across a wave energy video today. This system is developed in Brazil. The technology is pretty simple but very effective. There is great amount of energy in ocean tides generating vertical displacement of water , the bouys attached to the arms would create a motion that would get the attached pump in action pumping water a high speed , this high speed water moves a turbine and  thus electricity is generated. 

Countries having long coastlines have a great advantage if this technology is used. Many gigawatts of electricity can be generated. 

Here is the video, its in Brazilian Portuguese , but it has English subtitles. The technology is pretty simple. Once installed, except for maintenance of the system , there is no other cost involved at all. It will provide green electricity of decades.

Earlier in this blog I have mentioned about the Davidson - Venturi Hill turbine and Searaser. These two systems also generate electricity harnessing the waves in the sea.

The waves of sea are caused due to the gravitational effects of Sun and Moon. 

 If administrators around the world have a good vision for the future of humanity they will adopt green technologies like this very soon.

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