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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Aliens exist for sure

In our own galaxy and in galaxies around the universe there are at least billions of planets with earth like conditions. Thereby it is strongly possible that life may exist on those planets, in fact it is possible that intelligent life - beings and creatures far more intelligent than us and more advanced than us maybe there.

Why maybe, they are surely there. To say that life exists only on earth and nowhere else in the universe is probably the stupidest statement a man can ever make.

If you say that life doesn't exist on other planets because in our 60 years of investigations we have not found any concrete example is like taking a small cup of water from the ocean and then saying that there are no fishes in it.

Intelligent life is surely there in the universe other than the earth, we just have to find them. It is very much possible that they know about our existence, they may have advanced technologies that helps them monitor us.

In mythologies across the world there is a mention of beings with insurmountable powers. Who were these beings and where did they come from? There is mention of Gods like Shiva and Hercules in Indian and Greek mythologies.

In the ancient Indian epic Ramayana there is mention of wingless , soundless plane Pushpak which probably worked on the principle of anti gravity.It is very much possible that the Gods that we talk about in ancient mythologies were nothing but other worldly beings that visited and interacted with us.

In both Ramayana and Mahabharata there is mention of warfare that involved use of weapons that looked like simple bows and arrows, they would throw out lightning and thunder and other powers of nature. There is mention on some kinds of arrows that would generate snakes.

A mythical arrow/weapon called the Brahmhastra is mentioned in this texts that was capable of destroying anything that came in its path. Now these may have been some advanced alien technologies that were misinterpreted by the ancient man as bows and arrows with some power.

The ancient texts says that some mantras(words with spiritual powers) gave the weapons this powers but there is not a single example of this happening anywhere in the world.

In Ramayana there is mention of a unique species who were highly intelligent and powerful monkey like creatures. One of them Hanuman who was capable of increasing and decreasing the size of his body and fly in air.

On one occasion Hanuman has to fly from Sri Lanka to the Himalayas to get an herb(Sanjeevani buti) to cure badly injured Laxman. Now what made this flight possible. Was Ramayana a mere figment of imagination or  was it based on certain facts that the ancient humans saw? Also what were this highly powerful monkey like creatures? Were they a cross between some advanced alien species and monkeys found on earth?

Many people dismiss the concept of extraterrestial life as pseudo-science, a mere figment of imagination. But if we can exist on earth, why can't there be life on other planets in the universe. 

Maybe intelligent life could have come into existence on those planets thousands or millions of years before it came into existence on earth. Consider the technological advances of humans in the last 300 years, on the basis of that one can easily say that humans can achieve such great things  in a million years that cannot even be imagined at this point of time.

 Maybe some advanced alien races are there who are at such high state of technological advancement. 

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