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Monday, June 22, 2015

PK - The movie (Stay away from wrong numbers)

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Its quite strange that I am posting a movie review on this particular blog, but the 2014 movie PK deserves to be here. The reason is that its a movie against superstitions and blind beliefs and exposes the so called middlemen between people and God. While people say that movies have a negative impact on the society , PK definitely is wonderfully educational as well as an entertaining movie.

The movie is about an alien who comes to earth to do research on the civilization here but as soon as he lands on earth the first thing that happens is someone steals his remote. Now without his remote it is impossible for him to go back on his planet. Interestingly though the alien lands up at Rajasthan in India.

The alien whose external features are exactly like a normal human being has to go through lots of hardships. First of all in his planet there is nothing called language people communicate through telepathy. He has this power to hold anyone's hand and download all the information from the person's brain.

Initially he moves around naked but funnily when he comes across a so called dancing car( a car that is moving because people inside are having sex in it) he realizes that the humans have exactly the same skin as them and they wear clothes. The dancing car actually becomes his source of clothes and beggars became his source of money.

But once when a barber was chasing him, he met an accident with a van that belonged to a local music band. Bhairo Singh the driver and leader of the band took him to the hospital where the doctor thought that this alien has lost his memory because of the accident. Initially Bhairo Singh tried to run away but he had a change of heart and decided to take the alien with him and keep it with him till he got well.

Now the alien tried to hold everyones hand so that he can download information about language and speak it. He got into lots of trouble trying to do that. Bhairo Singh thought that he was sex starved and took him to a brothel where he gets an opportunity to hold the hand of a prostitute -Phuljharia, in six hours he downloaded all information regarding her language , words etc and was now able to speak Bhojpuri.

After he learnt the human language he embarked on a mission to find his remote. He went to Delhi but was told by someone it is God who can help him so he went to different offices ( temples,mosques, gurudwaras, churches) for help from god. He listens and follows different advices( rituals) that the managers ( priests, pujaris, sadhus, maulavis etc) of Gods ask him to follow but to no avail. 

He finally found his remote with a so called spiritual guru named Tapasviji, the thief who sold the remote had sold it to Tapasvi. The Tapasvi claimed that it was given to him by God in the Himalayas. When PK came to get his remote , the Tapasvi used his guards to throw him out. 

Then he sees his friend Jaggu making fool of wrong number on phone and thought that it was the same problem with Tapasvi and other spiritual gurus. Their calls to Gods were going to wrong number and someone was fooling them by providing wrong information. The rest of the story is about how he exposes this godmen.

In India movies are very popular and this movie is a must see for all. This is the kind of movie that the nation needs today,along with entertainment its educates the viewers against the so called god-men who fool people in the name of God and make good money from them.

PK has been a global hit. Made for budget of Rs 850 million its has made over Rs 7400 million globally and what's interesting it is the first Hindi movie that did a business of Rs 1020 million in China. 

I hope this movie and other movies like PK that would be made in the future act as eye-opener to the people of country. Being free from blind beliefs, superstitions and fake spiritual gurus is very important for India. 

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