Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Knowledge is Power - Pressure Cooker

It is said that knowledge is power, let me show you a very small example of that. We all know the ideal gas equation.


where P= Pressure, V is Volume, n= number of moles of the gas, R is the gas constant, T is the absolute temperature. 

Now from this equation it is clear that if the number of moles of the gas is kept constant and the volume is kept constant then increase in pressure leads to increase in temperature. Also with higher pressure the boiling point of water goes up. Thus the food in the pressure cooker is cooked faster almost three times faster. Thus leading to great savings in the amount of fuel that is used. Almost all homes across the world use pressure cookers and this leads to great amounts of fuel savings also that means lesser carbon dioxide is thrown into the atmosphere since lower fuel consumption means lower combustion of fossil fuels. 

Now how pressure cooker was designed only after humans understood the concepts of force, pressure, molecular nature of gas this three factors helped scientists deduce the above equation. With the help of the above equation we understood that if the volume is kept constant then increasing pressure will increase the temperature.

This simple principle was applied in the design and construction of pressure cooker which is today used extensively for industrial and domestic purpose. 

Its man's constant search for truth that makes him discover facts about nature (Science) and then these truth are applied intelligently in design of systems that benefits him (Technology).

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