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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sound, Music and Dance

Waves are disturbances in a given medium. Sound is also a set of waves and this waves are disturbances in air. Humans have five senses touch, sight, taste, smell and ability to hear. Now when we say that we are hearing something we are essentially deciphering the disturbances in air at a particular frequency range. The sound waves below this frequency range and above this frequency range is not heard by humans.

The human ears has ear drums that vibrate at when sound waves in air strike them this vibrations generate nerve signals that pass on to the brain. This signals actually go to the part of the brain that processes this information and then we realize that we hear some thing. Humans have evolved over time and have made good use of this ability. Humans developed the art of conversation and communication. Humans developed language to communicate, ultimately in time huge numbers of languages and dialects were created in different communities in different geographical locations around the world.

Human mind ultimately found that it is fond of sound that is rhythmic and regular, this lead to the creation of music. Not only the ability to hear but humans ability to speak evolved with time and they were able to generate sound waves from their vocal chords that carried information in a language that other people were able to understand. The same vocal chords were now able to generate sounds that was pleasing to the human mind and thus the art of singing came into existence . It evolved with time some humans had better and sweeter voices than others.

This was not enough humans started using various inanimate object to create sound waves and ultimately created gadgets that generated rhythmic sounds they combined this with their art of singing and thus music came into existence. Humans did not stop there and kept making this objects better and better and researched deeper and deeper into the science of music.

Humans came out with various musical instrument like the drum, dhol, flute , sehnai, jaltarang, sitar, veena, piano, guitar, banjo, harmonium, harmonica, mouthorgan, violin, saxophone etc. and in the 20th century it was followed by electronic musical instruments like electric guitar, keyboard and ultimately developed computers and sound generators that can mimic other musical instruments.

Before this centuries ago the researching into music humans created the fundamental building blocks of music the sargam in India and octave in Europe. Teaching music to kids became a regular thing and this fundamental notes enabled them to learn and create music.

Along with music humans also developed this art of dance in which the body is moved rhythmically depending on the music. In every human culture whether it be primitives of Andaman and Nicobar, Brazil , Africa, Australia or modern day society music and dance are ever prevalent and they form a major source of entertainment in all cultures. One would hardly find any person on earth who hates music or dance.

Music and Dance has been a major source of entertainment and recreation for thousands of years and surely they will stay that way for eternity. Only that Music and dance will evolve with times and simply get better and better.

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