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Friday, June 19, 2015

Ghosts and Science

Throughout the history of the world in all cultures there is mention of life after death. There is mention of spirits and ghosts. Many say the dead come back to take revenge as a spirit. If that was true then there would have been no murders , no terrorism in the world since that would have resulted in the ghost of the person coming back and killing his/her murderers. This has never happened. 

Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and many others were responsible for the deaths of so many people but did any one of them confront any ghosts. None of them ever saw ghosts. 

The concept of soul maybe true, there has been certain cases of people remembering their previous births but there is surely no existence of Ghosts. There are places in the world that are said to be haunted however I have never seen a hunted place ever .

I firmly believe that in places that are said to haunted one must send thousands of people together and the so called haunted nature  of these places would disappear. When there are stories of ghosts doing round, people in the darkness of night are afraid. 

There are some babas, priests and tantrics who mint money out of these fear of ghosts. They advice various rituals to be followed that would cost money. So the ghost business in reality is a business of cheating and taking advantage of people's fear. 

There is nothing called ghosts there is no existence of ghosts. 

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